Project Feasibility and Funding

Projects & Related Activities


  • The purpose of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to lay down the procedures to be followed for all normal business functions.

Scope :

  • Techno – Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Market Studies
  • Investment Appraisal & Project Evaluation

India Entry Strategy Consulting


  • Entry Strategy for getting into the Indian Market, including information on market, size, price sensitivity, competition, legal and tax rules.
  • Support for setting up businesses in India: We provide a single window support for setting up a business in India, whether by way of a subsidiary, JV, branch office or Liaison Office. We can help set up the company, set up the bank account, locate office space, and assist in recruiting employees.
  • Tax and Legal support: We can provide assistance on Tax and Company Law matters, help the business navigate the complex rules and regulation.
  • Virtual Office: We can provide an outsourced office facility for companies wanting to set up businesses in India but not wanting to invest in a full office set up in the initial period. As a part of the virtual office, we can provide managerial inputs and monitoring of business parameters for the owners.
  • Corporate Policy: Since the owners of the business are not in India, there is a possibility of the business being run in a manner not envisaged by the owners. We undertake monitoring of businesses to ensure compliance with local laws, compliance with global corporate policy, business performance and employee performance using KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Scope :

  • Setting up Big-Data Analytic systems